Jemini Patel

February 28, 2007

Jemini Patel is a Senior Account Exective at EuroRSCG PR. She is 25 years old and lives in New York City. This interveiw took place on February 25th, 2007.

IM Interview: Hi Jemini
JP: Hello Kim
IM Interview: so….health care pr, good or evil?
JP:I’d like to say good
IM Interview: why?
JP: Well it’s important to remember that unlike advertising, public relations is not paid
JP: The media chooses to cover the topics that we pitch
JP: Which is much more credible than paid advertising
IM Interview: i see….but you entice them to do so…correct?
JP: We provide them with information and it’s our job to make them see why what we’re talking about is important enough to cover
IM Interview: hmmm…so what about your pharmaceutical clients…good or evil?
JP: The companies I do PR for are good companies. I think they do good work and want to really help people
IM Interview: great to hear!
8:15 PM
IM Interview: what would you say are the best and worst aspects of your job?
JP: The best aspect is knowing that we’re spreading awareness about the specific disease category and letting patients know that there are treatment options available
JP: The worst part is the long hours!
IM Interview: really? what are the hours like?
JP: I work about 50 hours+ a week
IM Interview: and lunch?
JP: HA what’s lunch?
IM Interview: hahah so i’m assuming lunchtime is minimal
IM Interview: so what’s a typical day like?
Jemini: well i wouldnt say there’s a typical day for pr. things are always coming up esp if breaking news comes out that affects my clients.
IM Interview: i see…so how much are you at your desk, on the phone or in meetings would you say?
JP: i’m always at my desk
JP: i might as well be chained to it
IM Interview: hahah…ok so you’re painting a picture
IM Interview: what about the people you work with? friends or mostly keep to themselves?
JP: well we work closely together
JP: lots of interaction going on
IM Interview: so it’s a social environment?
JP: yes, very much so
IM Interview: what is the biggest “crisis” you’ve ever had at work?
JP: Well the biggest crisis that I’ve ever dealt with was for an account I used to work on. It was a diabetes product and a publication inaccurately reported wrong information
IM Interview: what did they say? eat sugar?
IM Interview: sorry that’s not funny
JP: They reported that the product causes cancer
IM Interview: that does sound bad…
IM Interview: what did you do?
JP: Well we contacted the publication to let them know it was socially irresponsible to do this
8:20 PM
IM Interview: and?
JP: The product helps so many diabetes patients
JP: We also set up interviews with experts in the field who could discuss that this was blatantly incorrect
JP: And if they were to be responsible they should hear from experts and interview them
IM Interview: does this happen often?
IM Interview: or it’s not usually a problem?
JP: Not often. It depends on what you work on, I’d say
IM Interview: i see
IM Interview: so what would say the difference is between health care PR and say, corporate PR and fashion PR? similar work or different worlds?
Well to be honest, I think fashion, entertainment pr is very frivolous
IM Interview: hmm interesting
JP: Not helping people
IM Interview: so different types of PR attract very different people?
IM Interview: what about non-profit? more noble?
JP: Your health if very important and I think it’s imperative that patients are informed and have all the information to make informed and responsible decisions and to have intelligent discussions with their healthcare providers
IM Interview: So you would say non-profit PR interests you?
JP: Yeah I would say non-profit PR would interest me
JP: Personally I think it’s important to do something that helps people in positive ways
IM Interview: so is this the general consensus in your office? the feeling of helping others understand their own health?
JP: Yes, i’d like to say so
IM Interview: what types of personalities does health care PR attract?
JP: I think people interested in helping others. Interest in health and well being
IM Interview: PR is spin with fast-talkers and agendas…myth, fact or depends what type of PR you’re doing?
JP: I guess depends what type of PR you’re doing. I know in my personal experience I haven’t seen spin with fast-talkers and agendas
IM Interview: health care seems very different from other types of PR
8:30 PM
IM Interview: one last question….what advice would you give a budding PR professional?
JP: Be passionate about the type of PR you go into. I think people do good things when it interests them
IM Interview: i agree! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!
JP: Thanks!


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